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Mark Greeven is Professor of Innovation and Strategy at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and the director of IMD China Initiative, also co-directing their “Building Digital Ecosystems” program and “Strategy for Future Readiness” program. He is ranked on the 2023 Thinkers50 list of global management thinkers.

Drawing on two decades of experience in research, teaching, and consulting in Europe and China, Mark helps business leaders discover New Transformation Engines and become Future Ready.

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Three Pillars of Expertise:

Bridging Markets with China’s “Red Thread”

Why? In an era where global markets are intricately interconnected, understanding and leveraging the unique business landscape of China is pivotal.

How? Mark guides executives to unravel and navigate their ‘Red Thread’ in and out of China, offering deep insights into China’s dynamic business ecosystem, innovation trends, policy shifts, and consumer behavior. His fluency in Chinese and intimate understanding of the local market empowers companies to identify and seize growth opportunities in this emerging market.

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Cultivating Management Innovation in a Turbulent World

Why? The relentless pace of change and uncertainty demands innovative approaches to stay competitive and thrive.

How? Having collaborated with trailblazers like Ping An, Alibaba, Pinduoduo, and Haier, as well as forward-thinking multinationals including Bayer, Evonik, Johnson & Johnson, Daimler, Nestlé, Richemont, and Swiss Re, Mark delves into groundbreaking organizational structures and strategies. He empowers companies to accelerate innovation, embrace digital transformation, and turn turbulence into a catalyst for growth.

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Mastering the Ecosystem Flywheel

Why? In the digital age, creating synergistic ecosystems is a game-changer for growth, innovation, and customer closeness.

How? Mark’s program demystifies the process of building digital ecosystems. Participants engage in executive exchanges, gain invaluable insights from scaling entrepreneurs, and learn to avoid common pitfalls. Mark provides a guided journey through ecosystem project planning, helping leaders identify structures that unlock digital growth, leaving them with a tangible action plan and the confidence to implement and harness their own digital ecosystem effectively.

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