Course: Building digital ecosystems

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#1: Building Digital Ecosystems

Building Digital Ecosystems, is a joint program with CKGSB, China’s first privately funded and research-driven business school. This unique program brings you deep insights into high-performing digital ecosystems from the perspectives of East and West. You discover how sharing resources and expertise will bring you much closer to your customers, with new data and insights to be more innovative, agile and competitive. With cutting-edge research, latest cases, and industry and academic experts from IMD and CKGSB, you will gain exclusive access into the full breadth of ecosystems, from digital giants, to newcomers and transforming incumbents. You participate in executive exchanges to see first-hand the latest innovations and connect with scaling entrepreneurs. You learn what works and what you need to avoid.

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Course Insight: Strategy for Future Readiness

#2 : Strategy for Future Readiness

Future readiness isn’t just a buzzword – it’s the defining characteristic of businesses built to last. It entails the ability to continuously rejuvenate and reinvent your core business while simultaneously creating new sources of competitive advantage. Future-ready leaders adapt rapidly to shifting realities, develop internal capabilities with a sharper focus, and find new growth opportunities, fueled by a profound sense of purpose.

IMD’s Strategy for Future Readiness draws on cutting-edge research by IMD’s Center for Future Readiness and China Initiative to propose a practical framework for individuals, teams, and organizations to become future-ready by addressing five critical challenges.

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